Derek Ferguson
Manager Profile

Manager Details

  • Full Name: Derek Ferguson
  • Born: July 31st, 1967 (Calderbank)
  • Former Player: Derek Ferguson
  • First Appointed: August 4th, 2001

Managerial History

Aug 4th, 2001 to May 29th, 2002

Most Appearances Top Scorers
1. Eric Paton - 36
2. Neil McGowan - 35
3. Brian Hamilton - 32
4. Fabien Bossy - 32
5. Derek Ferguson - 31
6. Henry Smith - 31
7. Brian McColligan - 28
8. Rab McKinnon - 23
9. Alex Burke - 22
10. Paul McGrillen - 22

First Match In Charge
Aug 4th, 2001 2 - 1 vs. Forfar Athletic, League (Division2)

Last Match In Charge
Apr 27th, 2002 1 - 2 vs. Berwick Rangers, League

Total Players Used:

Biggest Win(s)
Nov 3rd, 2001 3 - 0 vs. Queen of the South, League (Division 2)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Oct 20th, 2001 0 - 3 vs. Hamilton Academical, League (Division 2)

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
41 15 10 16 46 50
(36.6%) (24.4%) (39.0%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
21 9 4 8 27 26
(42.9%) (19.0%) (38.1%)


Derek Ferguson was to be Clydebank's last manager in senior football, and a rather reluctant one at that. Derek had a long playing career most notably with Rangers, Hearts and Sunderland. Although, in the twilight of his career, Derek still saw himself as a player rather than a manager and had just completed his first season with the Bankies in season 2000-01.

When the job opportunity arose, Derek believed that he would be assisting Mick Oliver only to find that Oliver would be director of football and Ferguson would assume managerial duties.

However, Derek took to the job well despite all of Clydebank's financial difficulties and led the club to the top of the Second Division by February 2002. However, according to Derek, players he didn't want were being foisted upon him to wreck the club's promotion chances. The club were in administration at the time and David McGhie who had a management contract to run the club was a close associate of football agent John Viola. A procession of out of contract players suddenly found themselves in the Clydebank side and the inevitable slide towards mid-table duly happened.

With McGhie and Viola's motives being questioned, and Clydebank Football Club heading to oblivion as the pair pulled out of the takeover, Derek could clearly see the writing on the wall. With the opportunity to revert to a playing role with Alloa Athletic, Derek decided to move on and who could blame him.

Derek continued to play for a few more years before having another stab at management with Stranraer in the mid 2000s

Players Signed

New Players Transferred In
Player Date Signed Fee
1. Willie Falconer Aug 4th, 2001
2. Neil McGowan Aug 14th, 2001
3. David Klein Aug 18th, 2001
4. James Gilliland Aug 21st, 2001
5. Jim Dick Sep 7th, 2001
6. Brian Carrigan Sep 7th, 2001
7. Barry Lavety Sep 10th, 2001
8. Brian McColligan Sep 11th, 2001
9. Mark Nicholls Nov 23rd, 2001
10. Michael O'Neill Nov 23rd, 2001
11. Billy McKinlay Dec 1st, 2001
12. Tony McPeak Dec 15th, 2001
13. Joe Miller Jan 19th, 2002
14. Darren Jackson Jan 22nd, 2002
15. Paul Shields Jan 29th, 2002
16. Simon Vella Mar 12th, 2002
17. Liam George Mar 16th, 2002

Youth Players Signed on Professional Terms
Player Pro Terms Signed