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Most Appearances

Jim Fallon
(787 apps)

All Time Goalscorer

Ken Eadie
(175 goals)

Most Goals In A Season

Blair Millar
(33 goals - 1978-79)

Most Goals In A Game

Match Records

Biggest Win (14-0)

Sat, November 12th, 2022

The record books will need to be scoured, but it looks like this exceptional 14-0 victory over Fourth Division Eglinton in the West of Scotland Cup will indeed be recorded as Clydebank’s best ever victory in competitive football.

Highest Scoring Draw (5-5)

Sat, April 20th, 1968

A ten-goal thriller unfolded at Kilbowie Park as Clydebank and East Stirlingshire played out a pulsating 5-5 draw. The game was a chaotic affair, with both defences struggling to cope with the attacking verve on display.

Heaviest Defeat (1-10)

Sat, February 1st, 1941

Consecutive Records

Wins - 19

Start: Sat, October 4th, 1941
End: Sat, March 14th, 1942

Draws - 5

Start: Sat, April 7th, 2001
End: Sat, April 28th, 2001

Losses - 10

Start: Sun, August 29th, 1999
End: Sat, October 30th, 1999

Unbeaten - 20

Start: Sat, October 24th, 2020
End: Sat, August 28th, 2021

Clean Sheets - 7

Start: Wed, August 20th, 1975
End: Sat, September 6th, 1975

Without Scoring - 5

Start: Tue, February 24th, 1998
End: Sat, March 21st, 1998