Clydebank 4
QotS Reserves 0
League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)

4 - 0
 QotS Reserves

League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)
Saturday, September 18th, 1965
New Kilbowie Park
3:00 PM Kick-off

Jimmy Hodgson (15)
Jimmy Hodgson (35)
Sutherland (o.g.) (54)
John Bustard (63)

Team Managers
Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
1 Jim Brown
2 Tom Holloran
3 John Wark
4 John McGill
5 Archie Rankin
6 Tony Moy
7 Alan McLeish
8 Billy Horn
9 John Bustard
10 Jimmy Hodgson
11 Andy O'Brien
Wallace 1
Sutherland 2
Pearson 3
Oliphant 4
Carter 5
Mordue 6
Donnachie 7
Cowan 8
Reid 9
Moore 10
Smith 11

Match Officials

GM Wilson (Referee)

Match Report

Clydebank certainly showed good form in this game and completely overshadowed the visitors. Jimmy Hodgson was the key man in the Clydebank forward line and he showed this by scoring two first half goals.

The Queen's forward line just didn't seem to click and the only real danger came from the centre forward Reid.

This win should put the home team in high spirits for their important Scottish Qualifying Cup tie against Gala Fairydean.

Nothing really exciting happened in the first half until the 15th minute minute when Jimmy Hodgson scored a well taken goal after a bad clearance in defence.

This seemed to give the Bankies more confidence and very soon they were beginning to take control. However Queen's still had a sting in their tail and Reid, in combination with Smith, missed out on a few good scoring chances.

Hodgson and Horn the Bankies two inside men proved to be a headache to the stout Queen's defence.

In the 35th minute Hodgson scored after three tries at it. Wallace and Co kept out the first two attempts but Jimmy's persistence prevailed and he won the battle in the end. This put Bankies two goals ahead at the interval.

The second half saw wee O'Brien the home left winger taken off in the first few minutes with an ankle injury.

But the ten man outfit proved their strength in the 54th minute when Sutherland, the Queen's right back out the ball inti his own net when keeper Wallace failed to hold a McLeish shot.

Centre forward Bustard scored a cheeky goal in the 63rd minute when he intercepted a pass back to the keeper from centre half Carter, and strolled up and put the ball into the corner of the net as if the keeper wasn't there.

Bankies then relaxed and let Queen's have much of the play but try as they did the visitors could not get past the home defence.

Squad Statistics (as at September 18th, 1965)

1965-66 All Time
League Cups All
Jim Brown (GK) 5 - 0 - 5 -
Tom Holloran 5 - 0 - 5 -
John McGill 5 - 0 - 5 -
John Wark 5 - 0 - 5 -
Archie Rankin 3 - 0 - 3 -
Andy O'Brien 530 - 53
Alan McLeish 520 - 52
Tony Moy 4 - 0 - 4 -
Billy Horn 510 - 51
Jimmy Hodgson 120 - 12
John Bustard 410 - 41