Stevie Morrison
Manager Profile

Manager Details

  • Full Name: Stephen Morrison
  • Born: August 15th, 1961 (St Andrews)
  • Former Player: Stevie Morrison
  • First Appointed: January 15th, 2000

Managerial History

Jan 15th, 2000 to Aug 12th, 2000

Most Appearances Top Scorers
1. Fraser Wishart - 20
2. Danny McKelvie - 18
3. Lee Gardner - 18
4. Stevie Murray - 17
5. James McKinstrey - 17
6. Greg Miller - 17
7. Ian Cameron - 17
8. Martin O'Neill - 15
9. Kenny Brannigan - 15
10. Murray Hunter - 15
1. Ian Cameron - 3
2. Fal Eddy - 2
3. Lee Gardner - 1
4. Fraser Wishart - 1

First Match In Charge
Jan 18th, 2000 0 - 1 vs. Raith Rovers, League (Division 1)

Last Match In Charge
Aug 8th, 2000 0 - 2 vs. Alloa Athletic, League Cup

Total Players Used:
36 (37 including unused subs)

Biggest Win(s)
Mar 7th, 2000 2 - 1 vs. Raith Rovers, League (Division 1)
Jan 29th, 2000 1 - 0 vs. Stirling Albion, Scottish Cup (3rd Round)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Mar 11th, 2000 0 - 8 vs. St Mirren, League (Division 1)

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
20 2 5 13 8 42
(10.0%) (25.0%) (65.0%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
10 2 1 7 5 16
(20.0%) (10.0%) (70.0%)


Stevie Morrison's short tenure as Clydebank manager was during one the most fraught periods in the club's history. After the Steedman family sold out to Dr John Hall, promises aplenty were made to supporters and it seemed to be true at first as Ian McCall was made manager and players of the calibre of Joe McLaughlin, Derek McWilliams and Fraser Wishart were brought to the club who were in the second division at the time. Stevie Morrison was part of McCall's backroom staff.

Morrison had a long playing career primarily with Dunfermline for whom he made over 250 appearances, but also had stints with Clyde and Dumbarton.

Hall's promises were soon found to be hollow as a prospective move of the club to Dublin was the ill-fated motive behind his purchase of the club. As this venture was blocked by the authorities, Hall's interest soon waned and the club suffered massively as a result.

With the club bottom of the first division in January 2000 with no wins and only four draws in 21 games, manager Ian McCall jumped ship to Greenock Morton. Stevie Morrison took over the reins and could not prevent a humiliating relegation ending the season with only 10 points.

The worst thing in this debacle was that the club suffered severe player shortages and Morrison was forced to play as goalkeeper on four separate occasions. Morrison was a centre forward. He did not let himself down, even when faced withe the might of Hibernian he managed to keep the score down to three.

At the end of the season it wasn't clear that Morrison wanted to carry on in the job with the continuing chaos. Rumours of a takeover led to Morrison stating that he would be willing to revert to assistant if interested new owners wanted to bring someone new in. In any event, Tommy Coyne was brought in as player manager and Morrison left the club.

Players Signed

New Players Transferred In
Player Date Signed Fee
1. Murray Hunter Jan 21st, 2000
2. Hakim Aibeche Feb 5th, 2000
3. Ben Plevey Mar 11th, 2000
4. James Beggs Mar 17th, 2000
5. Allan Stewart Mar 17th, 2000
6. Stevie Hutchison Mar 23rd, 2000
7. Liam O'Sullivan Aug 3rd, 2000
8. Eric Paton Aug 3rd, 2000
9. David Milne Aug 3rd, 2000
10. David Wylie Aug 4th, 2000
11. Grant Johnson Aug 7th, 2000
12. Eric Taborda Aug 8th, 2000
13. Fal Eddy Aug 8th, 2000

Youth Players Signed on Professional Terms
Player Pro Terms Signed
First Signing

Murray Hunter
on Jan 21st, 2000