Yoker Athletic 2
Clydebank 0
Sectional League Cup (Group 6)

Yoker Athletic 

2 - 0


Sectional League Cup (Group 6)
Monday, August 20th, 2012
Holm Park
6:45 PM Kick-off

Max Asante (25)
Gary Vickers (32)

Team Managers
Unknown. Billy McGhie

Starting Eleven
1 Winslow
2 Wedlock
3 Harvey
4 Vickers
5 Schoneville
6 Bennett
7 Tolland
8 Carson
9 Asante
10 Frew
11 McManus
Robert Hamilton 1
Paul Bell 2
Andy Paterson 3
Michael MacAdam 4
Michael Morris 5
Chris Wilson 6
Paul Allum 7
Tommy Martin 8
Joe Andrew 9
Ally Graham 10
Vinny Berry 11

12 McDonald
14 Stevenson
15 McFarlane
16 Ferguson
Ross McPherson 12
Mark Hailstones 14
Ross Campbell 15
Gordon Moffat 16
Craig McPherson 20

McFarlane -> Frew (71)
McDonald -> Asante (85)
Ross McPherson for Joe Andrew (58)
Mark Hailstones for Michael MacAdam (58)

Wedlock (11)
Sconeville (73)
Vickers (81)

Red Cards
None. None.

Match Officials

Thomas Clark (Referee)
Craig Walker & Fraser Marr (Assistants)

Match Report

The less said about this match the better as Clydebank turned in one of their most inept performances in recent seasons. To keep it brief the Bankies required one win in their two remaining Sectional League Cup ties, both against lower league opposition. A point against basement division Maryhill reduced that to a single point against county rivals Yoker Athletic.

Five changes were made to the side that started the league campaign in such style against Beith the previous Saturday. Couple that with one or two positional alterations, and the Bankies suddenly looked like a bunch of strangers. Yoker were hardly world beaters (and they didn’t need to be), but two goals midway through the first half did the damage. A close in goal on the rebound from Asante following a quite tremendous over head kick, and then a bullet header from Vickers gave the points to the Whe-ho.

Clydebank hardly threatened the Yoker goal, and the general play throughout was of a terrible standard. You were half waiting for the fight back to happen at any moment but it never happened, and in truth it never looked like it would. An honourable exception goes to Tommy Martin who worked tirelessly for little reward.

Yet another season goes by without qualifying from this group. A group which in the last several seasons the Bankies have been the strongest outfit. It is all the more disappointing that the first two matches had given the club the perfect platform in which to qualify only to let the supporters down, not to mention falling to defeat once again to derby rival Yoker.

The silver lining on this cloud is that this was nowhere near the Bankies strongest line up, and in the grand scheme of things the league is the most important thing. That means that the Petershill match has a bit more meaning as the players have to prove to the supporters that this was just a one off.

Match report written by Stuart McBay

Squad Statistics (as at August 20th, 2012)

2012-13 All Time
League Cups All
Robert Hamilton (GK) 1 - 4 - 37 -
Andy Paterson 0 - 4 - 37 -
Michael Morris 0 - 2 - 2 -
Paul Allum 1 - 4115013
Paul Bell 1 - 4 - 26 -
Vinny Berry 0 - 1 - 264
Michael MacAdam 1 - 3 - 321
Chris Wilson 1 - 42196
Tommy Martin 1 - 41615
Ally Graham 1 - 4151
Joe Andrew 1 - 4 - 5 -
Mark Hailstones (sub) 111 - 30064
Ross McPherson (sub) 11426218