Clydebank 4
Queen's Park Strolle 3
League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)

4 - 3
 Queen's Park Strolle

League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)
Saturday, October 23rd, 1965
New Kilbowie Park
3:00 PM Kick-off

Andy O'Brien 
Billy Horn (12)
Jimmy Hodgson (29)
Munro (o.g.) (74)
Hunter (52)
Roddie (53)

Team Managers
Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
1 Ronnie Wilson
2 Tom Holloran
3 John Wark
4 John McGill
5 Archie Rankin
6 Tony Moy
7 Alan McLeish
8 Billy Horn
9 Joe Rankin
10 Jimmy Hodgson
11 Andy O'Brien
Donaldson 1
Struthers 2
Barr 3
McLaughlin 4
Munro 5
Hunter 6
Collins 7
Roddie 8
Ingram 9
Campbell 10
McKay 11

Match Officials

T Marshall (Referee)

Match Report

With a two goal lead at the interval it was Clydebank who was favourite, but the goal gap soon diminished and they were thankful with their narrow victory.

The locals were the pace setters during practically the entire match. Only one incident just before half time brought plenty of jeering from the large crowd. It was a booking by the referee Marshall when he noted the name of Bill Horn, Clydebank's inside right man.

The brisk Bankie team soon proved their superiority when after twelve minutes a neat overhead lob by Hodgson gave Horn a simple goal.

With Queens determined to equalise, their opportunity came in the 25th minute when the were awarded a penalty for their inside left Campbell being fouled in the box. But the spot kick taken by McKay was expertly saved by keeper Wilson and brought an extensive roar from the crowd.

Queens continually attempted to weaken their opponents defence but all their efforts were completely useless especially on having to outwit Wilson who prevented the ball from entering the net at this stage.

But eventually the tables turned and with one rapid raid by Hodgson, he increased the score for his team. He slammed home from close quarters and gave Clydebank a comfortable lead by half time.

The restart brought new life to the Queens forwards, and inside eight minutes they scored twice. The first was after 52 minutes when Hunter placed home after collecting a loose ball in Bankies goal area.

The second came one minute later, again from close range, when Roddie netted, catching Wilson completely off his guard.

But shortly after Queens equalising goal, the local again took the lead. This time, the small livewire of the team, Andy O'Brien, was the scorer. Andy received a well crossed ball from his centre man, Joe Rankin, and he had no hesitation in thumping the ball homeward giving keeper Donaldson no chance of saving whatsoever.

Then again Queens retaliated and the equaliser was scored. It was a fine attempt from Campbell that slackened their struggling when he netted from Point blank range.

Finally an own goal by a Queens defender Munro, clinched the game and two points for Clydebank. It happened in the 74th minute when a shot by Hodgson would have gone clear of the net.

But Munro courteously endeavoured to kick the ball to safety, but instead in deflected off his boot and rolled slowly into the back of the net.

Squad Statistics (as at October 23rd, 1965)

1965-66 All Time
League Cups All
Ronnie Wilson (GK) 3 - 0 - 3 -
John Wark 8 - 1 - 9 -
Archie Rankin 6 - 1 - 7 -
Tom Holloran 8 - 1 - 9 -
John McGill 6 - 1 - 7 -
Alan McLeish 821 - 92
Andy O'Brien 841 - 94
Jimmy Hodgson 451156
Joe Rankin 310 - 31
Tony Moy 721 - 82
Billy Horn 831 - 93