Rangers 'B' 1
Clydebank 5
League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)

Rangers 'B' 

1 - 5


League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)
Saturday, December 25th, 1965
New Kilbowie Park. Att. 1,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Paul (80) Alan McLeish (32)
Tom Connelly (67)
Tom Connelly (78)
Tony Moy (pen.) (79)
Eddie Jenkins (85)

Team Managers
Unknown. Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
1 Eadie
2 Stewart
3 Smith
4 Jardine
5 Simpson
6 Sutherland
7 Paul
8 Semple
9 Wilkie
10 Reid
11 Steele
Ronnie Wilson 1
Graham Small 2
John Wark 3
Eddie Jenkins 4
John McGill 5
Archie Rankin 6
Alan McLeish 7
Tony Moy 8
Tom Connelly 9
Joe Rankin 10
Tommy McGhee 11

Match Officials

J McLean (Referee)

Match Report

** This was Rangers home match.

Clydebank FC received a rewarding Christmas gift on Saturday when on their first attempt were the worthy winners of the Combined Reserve League.

By Defeating Rangers Reserves at Kilbowie Park they are placed top equal with East Fife Reserves, but win on goal average.

Although both teams played constructive football during the opening half it was Clydebank that seemed to have the extra penetration which was clearly displayed right to the final stages of the bout.

Players found great difficulty in ball control near the centre of the pitch because of the boggy conditions, and at the commencement this proved to destroy some promising looking manoeuvres by both sides.

But although play lacked a certain amount of pep it was in the 21st minute that Clydebank received their first break.

Centre Tom Connelly was fouled in the penalty box and looked as if The Bankies would surge ahead. But the spot kick taken by Joe Rankin wildly flew over the cross bar, wasting a valuable opportunity.

However, on the 32nd minute a shot, which will be remembered at Kilbowie Park for some time by McLeish put the home side in front. His effort from over 40 yards on the right wing completely deceived keeper Eadie and sailed over his head and hit the dust at the back of the net.

To the large crowd of over 1000 supporters this was by far the best goal of the contest and they certainly showed their approval.

From then on, The Bankies took every advantage they could, but on several occassions bad luck disproved their keenness. Both wingers, McLeish and McGhee, were on good form and continually were striking the ball goalwards for the inside trio of Moy, Connelly and Joe Rankin, who can also be highly praised.

Bankies with their very young, but talented side, the average age being under 20 years, were in complete control after the restart. An indirect free kick just outside Rangers goal area was nearly headed home by Joe Rankin, but he misjudged and th ball clipped the bar.

An attempt by Rangers Reid came close when his powered drive struck the crossbar only to be cleared by a defender.

Then in the 67th minute a loose ball near Rangers goal resulted in the Bankies increasing their lead. The scorer was Tom Connelly who slammed an unsaveable shot past keeper Eadie.

Clydebank, until the end of the match continually pounded the visitors goal. Their efforts quickly mounted into goals and inside 20 minutes they had hammered home a further three.

The first came again from Connelly. He netted a 15 yarder which inevitably plunged home. Inside right Moy scored the fourth just one minute later - the 79th minute from a penalty. Unlike the first spot kick he made no error and to the pleasure of the local crowd played the ball into the left and corner of the net.

While jubilation at the home teams goal was still going on, Rangers surprisingly but deservedly scored their only goal of the game. Right winger Paul was the scorer in the 80th minute from close range.

But this solitary goal made no impression on Clydebank at all and to prove this they scored five minutes later to give them a convincing victory. Jenkins, the swift inside man, clinched it. His shot was low and it literally sneaked past the grasp of Eadie who could only helplessly watch it being trapped at the back of the net.

The Steedman brothers, Jack and Charlie, can certainly be proud of their new team this season and are both keenly looking forward to the restart of the Combined Reserve League early in the New Year.

Squad Statistics (as at December 25th, 1965)

1965-66 All Time
League Cups All
Ronnie Wilson (GK) 6 - 0 - 6 -
Archie Rankin 9 - 1 - 10 -
John Wark 11 - 1 - 12 -
John McGill 8 - 1 - 9 -
Graham Small 2 - 0 - 2 -
Alan McLeish 1141 - 124
Tommy McGhee 1 - 0 - 1 -
Eddie Jenkins 210 - 21
Tony Moy 1041 - 114
Joe Rankin 610 - 61
Tom Connelly 220 - 22