Clydebank 4
Rangers 'B' 1
League (Combined Reserve League - 2nd Series)

4 - 1
 Rangers 'B'

League (Combined Reserve League - 2nd Series)
Saturday, April 30th, 1966
New Kilbowie Park
3:00 PM Kick-off

Tony Moy (pen.) (36)
John McGill (53)
Tony Moy (80)
Anderson (81)
Rennie (35)

Team Managers
Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
1 Ronnie Wilson
2 Graham Small
3 John Wark
4 Eddie Jenkins
5 Archie Rankin
6 Tommy McGhee
7 Alan McLeish
8 Tony Moy
9 John McGill
10 Anderson
11 Alex Stewart
Eadie 1
Stewart 2
Smith 3
Jardine 4
Simpson 5
McCartney 6
McLardy 7
Rennie 8
Wilkie 9
Vint 10
Steele 11

Match Officials

W McLean (Referee)

Match Report

Bankies went off in a blaze of glory after meeting Rangers third ream at Kilbowie Park. The entire ninety minutes were dominated by the local side and only on one occasion did the defence barrier snap under the strain of the opposition.

With a 1-1 draw at the interval it seemed as if Clydebank were not really bothering but in the restart their everlasting hail of raids and agile manoeuvres produced three impressive goals.

This final Combined Reserve League match of the season for Clydebank produced plenty of breath-taking incidents.

Both sides battled hard for the opening goal and it was the visitors against the run of play who forged ahead when Bankies keeper dived a split second too late and the ball trickled over the line. The scorer was small blond inside right, Rennie.

Then, three minutes later Bankies equalised when an opposition defender handled the ball in the box. The penalty kick taken by Tony Moy was inevitably plunged into the back of the net.

Just before half time a skirmish on Clydebank's goalmouth brought three half backs rushing to the rescue. Keeper Wilson was grounded leaving an open goal for inside forward Vint but with a sigh of relief from Bankies supporters Vint's hard shot deflected off Wark's boot to be finally cleared.

The restart commenced with plenty of zest and Clydebank's forward line produced the best out of Rangers keeper Eadie. The homesters inside trios should have brought results with their heavy pounding at Rangers goal within the first five minutes but Eadie brilliantly held everything at bay.

But in the 53rd minute Eadie gave way to a McGill header. The centre forward neatly nodded home from a cross from the clubs most recent signing, left winger Alex Stewart.

Alex, aged 20, and Maryhill Juniors top goal scorer, although not netting in is debut match with Bankies played some very constructive football and he will certainly be a bright young spark when he plays with the club next season.

Then inside men Moy and Anderson clinched the game for their team when two raging efforts superbly produced two fine goals.

The first came from Moy who cleverly beat a defender and slipped the ball into the corner of the net just out of Eadie's reach. No 2 came in the 81st minute - just one minute later - this time from Anderson.

His shot from almost at right angles struck the post and slithered into the rear of the net completely bewildering the keeper.

Only one incident spoiled the contest when half-back Jenkins was booked only seconds before the final whistle.

At the end of the game Clydebank directors, Charlie and Jack Steedman issued the names of the players they are retaining for next term and those on free transfers. Ten players have been retained and seven have been given frees.

Two Glaswegians who have given an outstanding performance this year with the club and will be out next season are 19 year old Tonly Moy (Ex St Mirren) and 21 year old Eddie Jenkins Former Maryhill Harp.

Other players retained are goalkeeper Wilson, right back Small, Left back Wark, and forwards John McGill, Archie and Joe Rankin, Tommy McGhee, and recent signing Alex Stewart.

Those being given free transfers are Horne, O'Brien, Hodgson, Holloran, Bustard, Connelly and McLeish.

Squad Statistics (as at April 30th, 1966)

1965-66 All Time
League Cups All
Ronnie Wilson (GK) 13 - 0 - 13 -
John McGill 1711 - 181
Graham Small 1020 - 102
John Wark 19 - 1 - 20 -
Archie Rankin 18 - 1 - 19 -
Alan McLeish 1541 - 164
Eddie Jenkins 1010 - 101
Tommy McGhee 910 - 91
Alex Stewart 2 - 0 - 2 -
Tony Moy 19141 - 2014
Anderson 110 - 11