QotS Reserves 0
Clydebank 2
League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)

QotS Reserves 

0 - 2


League (Combined Reserve League - 1st Series)
Saturday, November 13th, 1965
Palmerston Park
3:00 PM Kick-off

None. Alan McLeish 
Tony Moy (55)

Team Managers
Unknown. Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
Unknown. Ronnie Wilson 1
Graham Small 2
John Wark 3
Bill Munro 4
Archie Rankin 5
Joe Rankin 6
Alan McLeish 7
Eddie Jenkins 8
Tom Connelly 9
Tony Moy 10
Andy O'Brien 11

Match Officials

J McWhann (Referee)

Match Report

Cold and fed up - That was the way most of the supporters felt at Palmerston Park, Dumfries after watching a most monotonous game which held only occasional patches of excitement for the fans.

Neither side looked like scoring until about twenty minutes after the kick off when a scuffle in the Clydebank goalmouth should have put Queens one up but the home side just did not seem to have any punch with the ball and the opportunity was lost.

Shortly after this McLeish opened up the scoring for Clydebank with a lovely shot from the right wing. This was followed by a lot of midfield passing which got neither side anywhere and it was only occasionally that the ball looked like going into the net although Wilson the Clydebank keeper was lucky when he managed to trap the ball with his foot only inches from the line after a well placed shot from the Queens left wing.

Ten minutes later Jenkins was sent off but even with the ten men Clydebank were still the better of two very poor teams.

Clydebank centre forward Connelly had quite a good game being well supported by his half backs.

Ten minutes after the interval Clydebank were put two up when Moy scored a direct free kick.

After this the game just dragged on with Queens having their share of midfield play but spoiling their chances through lack of co-ordination and enthusiasm.

The Clydebank directors have written to the SFA in protest against the ordering off of wing half Jenkins. Young Eddie, who was playing his first official game after having been called up, had his leg trapped in a tackle and the referee decided that his efforts to pull it away were dangerous and to everyone's astonishment ordered him from the field.

Clydebank have signed yet another Junior - this time it is 19 year old right back Graham Small of Maryhill Juniors who have decided that although they are still in the Scottish Cup the Bankies can have Small right away.

Squad Statistics (as at November 13th, 1965)

1965-66 All Time
League Cups All
Ronnie Wilson (GK) 5 - 0 - 5 -
Graham Small 1 - 0 - 1 -
John Wark 10 - 1 - 11 -
Archie Rankin 8 - 1 - 9 -
Andy O'Brien 1041 - 114
Bill Munro 710 - 71
Eddie Jenkins 1 - 0 - 1 -
Alan McLeish 1031 - 113
Joe Rankin 510 - 51
Tony Moy 931 - 103
Tom Connelly 1 - 0 - 1 -