Clydebank 2
Rotherham Utd 0

2 - 0
 Rotherham Utd

Saturday, August 3rd, 1968
New Kilbowie Park. Att. 2,500
3:00 PM Kick-off

Gerry O'Brien (12)
Jimmy Caskie (57)

Team Managers
Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
Dick Madden
Malcolm Henderson
Davie Mitchell
Ernie Collumbine
Paul McMillan
Dougie Hay
Eddie Rutherford
Alan Munro
Gerry O'Brien
Ian Hawkshaw
John McGunnigle
G Watson
D Watson

Dennis Ruddy
Jimmy Caskie

Dennis Ruddy for Paul McMillan
Jimmy Caskie for Alan Munro
Quinn -> G Watson
Marshall -> Leggatt

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

T Wharton (Referee)

Match Report

Bankies have done it. They have started the new season well and chalked up one beautiful win, against one of Yorkshires heaviest and best liked teams, Rotherham United.

I was sitting next to a railway policeman who use to live in Rotherham, 19 year old Bryan Lowe, now living in Old Kilpatrick. He follows the team avidly and his head was in his hands most of the time, due to some of the excellent chances which the Rotherham forwards failed to make use of.

The game opened well with both teams playing attacking football, but Clydebank drew ahead in the 11th minute when centre forward O'Brien took a quick pass, foiled the Rotherham defence, and blasted the ball past keeper Hill from five yards out.

United didn't like this one little bit and they put everything they had behind a bid to crush the poor wee Bankies; however the local lads stood firm and held on to their lead.

In the 21st minute O'Brien nearly did it again after a goalmouth scramble in the United area. The Yorkshire defence tried time after time to clear the ball, but almost the whole Clydebank team had moved up and it was like hitting one's head against a brick wall.

The break came after O'Brien's final shot, a low one, which Hill knelt down to, and ended in a clearance.

Sweat broke out on the Rotherham players brow four minutes later when £3000 worth of Hawkshaw lobbed a long shot in from the right wing, which stretched Hill to the absolute limit.

United opened the second half strongly determined to gain an equaliser.

They managed to gain a shy on the right wing almost at the corner flag. The ball came in high and right back Swift, who was all over the pitch, knocked it on to inside-left Storrie, a big six foot plus chap; positioned at the left-hand Clydebank goal post.

Storrie tried to head the ball home but was off target and hit it past the post.

The equaliser nearly came in the 50th minute when outside left Todd of Rotherham tried to send a long one home. He mis-kicked and the ball went over the bar, helped on its way by "Kangaroo" Madden.

After a double corner Madden clutched the ball to his chest and the cleared well upfield.

Number two came to Clydebank through a youngster who had only come on in the second half in place of Munro at inside-right, Caskie ran solo up the right wing, ran rings around the United defence, left Hill sprawling on the ground, and deposited the ball in the United net.

The roar that went up from the crowd would have wakened the dead.

Soon after this goal, Bankies right back Henderson, went down in a tackle. He hit his face and the men on the sidelines could not stop his nose from bleeding, so Munro was brought back on in his place.

Another change in the Clydebank team was that centre-half McMillan was taken off for the second half and Ruddy was put on in his place.

The rest of the game was action packed but the visitors seemed to lack spirit in the last few minutes. They will have to do better than this in Yorkshire if they want to beat the pride of Dunbartonshire and I don't mean Dumbarton!

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