Ian McCall
Manager Profile

Manager Details

  • Full Name: Ian Holland McCall
  • Born: September 30th, 1964 (Dumfries)
  • Former Player: Ian McCall
  • First Appointed: July 8th, 1997

Managerial History

Jul 8th, 1997 to Jan 14th, 2000

Most Appearances Top Scorers
1. Fraser Wishart - 99
2. Joe McLaughlin - 93
3. Davie Nicholls - 80
4. Kenny Brannigan - 79
5. Scott Murdoch - 72
6. Stevie Docherty - 68
7. Lee Gardner - 64
8. Scott Miller - 63
9. Colin McDonald - 63
10. Derek McWilliams - 56
1. Colin McDonald - 24
2. Derek McWilliams - 10
3. Gary Teale - 9
4. Lee Gardner - 7
5. Paul Lovering - 7
6. Joe McLaughlin - 6
7. Davie Nicholls - 6
8. Andy Brown - 5
9. Stevie Docherty - 4
10. Scott Miller - 4

First Match In Charge
Jul 22nd, 1997 1 - 0 vs. East Stirlingshire, Stirlingshire Cup (Section B)

Last Match In Charge
Jan 8th, 2000 0 - 4 vs. Falkirk, League

Total Players Used:
67 (68 including unused subs)

Biggest Win(s)
Jan 12th, 1998 6 - 0 vs. Montrose, Scottish Cup (2nd Round)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Jan 8th, 2000 0 - 4 vs. Falkirk, League (Division 1)
Dec 4th, 1999 1 - 5 vs. Livingston, League (Division 1)

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
114 36 31 47 124 148
(31.6%) (27.2%) (41.2%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
53 15 16 22 62 73
(28.3%) (30.2%) (41.5%)


It would be fair to say that Ian McCall is the most unpopular manager in Clydebank's history and this despite achieving some success during his spell in charge. On the surface this would seem a strange state of affairs, but it does bear further scrutiny.

Ian McCall was always a bit of a marmite character as a player, but he had earned a big money move to Rangers from Dunfermline. He never really made it at Rangers and spent the rest of his career flitting between clubs at the lower end of the Premier League or Top end of the first.

He was not without controversy as a player so it seemed an odd choice when he was appointed manager of Clydebank in 1997. The club had recently been taken over by Dr John Hall and associates. All sorts of promises were made to supporters and signings of established names seemed to bear this out.

However, before long the real motives of the new owners came to light, and that was to relocate the club to Dublin and play in the Scottish League. Once the supporters discovered this they were apoplectic. It forced the club to admit what they were up to and Ian McCall was used as the front man for this at the press conference. He would never be forgiven for this and the relationship between manager/club and the supporters completely broke down.

The supporters staged a number of protests including a pitch invasion at Forfar, a walk out, cheering the opposition in a home game against East Fife after the club forced the supporters to stand behind the goal away from the directors box, amongst other stunts.

The supporters had affected the team as they led the table in February but only won twice in the next eleven matches once the news broke. The team needed a big win at Brechin on the last day of the season to be promoted, and we had the spectacle of the fans not wanting this to happen. The Bankies went on to win 6-1 and were duly promoted. It was the oddest thing feeling deflated after winning promotion as it seemed to only fuel Hall's desire to relocate the club and success only meant they would be more encouraged to push on with their plans.

As the folly of the Dublin plan began to unravel and subsequent attempts to relocate the club to anywhere that would listen came to nothing Hall started to lose interest in doing anything other than keep the club on life support.

From a footballing perspective, Ian McCall did a good job to keep the Bankies in the First Division after promotion finishing in a credible seventh position. However, there was no way this could be sustained,and with the club moving to Greenock to groundshare at Cappielow the crowds got even worse and the next season was a disaster from a playing point of view.

By the time January came the Bankies had not won any of their 21 matches, and Ian McCall took the opportunity to take the Morton job when the vacancy arose. McCall has gone on to manage eight clubs in Scottish football in total with varying degrees of sucesss.

Players Signed

New Players Transferred In
Player Date Signed Fee
1. Billy Melvin Aug 4th, 1997
2. John Hillcoat Aug 4th, 1997
3. Fraser Wishart Aug 4th, 1997
4. Joe McLaughlin Aug 4th, 1997
5. Ian McCall Aug 4th, 1997
6. Stevie Docherty Aug 4th, 1997
7. David Lorimer Aug 4th, 1997
8. Richard Cadette Aug 22nd, 1997
9. Andy Brown Sep 19th, 1997
10. Derek McWilliams Oct 17th, 1997
11. Simon Kaldjob Oct 19th, 1997
12. Charlie Adams Dec 19th, 1997
13. Neil Inglis Jan 30th, 1998
14. Colin McDonald Feb 13th, 1998
15. Greg Shaw Mar 27th, 1998
16. Hugh Ward Mar 27th, 1998
17. Hallsteinn Arnarson Mar 28th, 1998
18. Craig Taggart Jul 31st, 1998
19. Sandy Robertson Jul 31st, 1998
20. Lee Gardner Jul 31st, 1998
21. Tom Smith Jul 31st, 1998
22. Colin Scott Jul 31st, 1998
23. Danny McKelvie Sep 25th, 1998
24. Kenny Ward Nov 1st, 1998
25. Innes Ritchie Nov 6th, 1998
26. Scott Dobie Nov 13th, 1998
27. Marc Anthony Dec 5th, 1998
28. Roy Naylor Dec 12th, 1998
29. Ray Newland Dec 19th, 1998
30. Stevie Ross Dec 24th, 1998
31. Ally McMillan Jan 2nd, 1999
32. Graeme Love Jan 15th, 1999
33. Barry Elliot Jan 25th, 1999
34. Neil Oliver Jul 26th, 1999
35. Paul McIntyre Jul 29th, 1999
36. Stevie Morrison Jul 30th, 1999
37. David Stewart Jul 30th, 1999
38. Martin O'Neill Jul 30th, 1999
39. Chris Ewing Jul 30th, 1999
40. Greg Miller Aug 9th, 1999
41. Peter Cormack Aug 9th, 1999
42. Ian Cameron Aug 23rd, 1999
43. Andy Roddie Sep 3rd, 1999
44. Keith Beach Oct 9th, 1999
45. Kris O'Neil Oct 13th, 1999
46. Billy MacDonald Oct 15th, 1999
47. Andy McCondichie Oct 16th, 1999
48. Mike Geraghty Oct 29th, 1999
49. Chris Jackson Nov 30th, 1999
50. Stevie Murray Dec 3rd, 1999
51. Gary McCutcheon Dec 30th, 1999
52. Colin Stewart Dec 30th, 1999

Youth Players Signed on Professional Terms
Player Pro Terms Signed
First Signing

Billy Melvin
on Aug 4th, 1997