Clydebank 0
Partick Th 4
League (Premier Division)

0 - 4
 Partick Th

League (Premier Division)
Saturday, September 10th, 1977
New Kilbowie Park. Att. 3,477
3:00 PM Kick-off

None. Ally Love (1)
Ally Love (29)
Jim Melrose (39)
Doug Somner (86)

Team Managers
Bill Munro
Bertie Auld

Starting Eleven
1 Jim Gallacher
2 Norrie Hall
3 Gregor Abel
4 Jim Fallon
5 Gerry McLauchlan
6 Tommy Callaghan
7 Gerry O'Brien
8 Billy McColl
9 Mike Larnach
10 Joe McCallan
11 Jimmy Lumsden
Alan Rough 1
George Mackie 2
Brian Whittaker 3
Ian Gibson 4
Andy Anderson 5
Jackie Campbell 6
Bobby Houston 7
Jim Melrose 8
Ally Love 9
Doug Somner 10
John Craig 11

Gerry Ronald
John McCormack
Danny Kellachan 12
Denis McQuade 14

John McCormack for Tommy Callaghan
Gerry Ronald for Gerry O'Brien (45)

None. Jackie Campbell (22)
Brian Whittaker

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

D Ramsay (Referee)
KM Cairns & JS Byres (Assistants)

Match Report

Despite Thistle's winning margin there was really only one factor separating the two sides - Alan Rough. He was brought back by Bertie Auld after two nightmare weeks in the wilderness. At Kilbowie on Saturday he underlined the fact that he is arguably the best keeper in these isles.

The fans hadn't settled on their spots before the visitors took the lead. Callaghan failed to clear conclusively and the ball broke to Love whose 20-yard shot rocketed into the net via Gallacher's left hand post and he hadn't a chance.

This was the worst thing that could have happened to Clydebank but they went about remedying the situation in impressive style.
In the second minute Joe McCallan hit the post with a low volley after some astute work out on the right by Larnach.

Territorially, Bankies had by far the best of the opening 25 minutes but a combination of remarkability by Rough and lack of self-confidence kept their account empty.

Callaghan should have scored from just four yards but he delayed his shot long enough for Mackie to get in the way.

Rough then dealt expertly with a tremendous Larnach header from an inch-perfect Callaghan cross.

After Campbell was cautioned for charging down a throw-in, Rough again came to his side's rescue. After a mix-up by defenders, Larnach carried the ball into the box – he crossed to McCallan who controlled it and shot. Somehow Rough stopped it.

Seven minutes later Thistle broke - and went two up. Melrose supplied Somner who set clear Love who shot past Gallacher.

They could have gone even further ahead a minute later when a tremendous shot from Melrose nearly broke the bar with Gallacher beaten.

It was Bankies midfield who were letting them down - McColl and Lumsden were far short of their usual selves - and this lack of control seemed to rub off on the rest of the side.

Norrie Hall was responsible for losing the third goal. He lost the ball to Love was flicked it to Melrose.

Melrose headed carelessly for goal. Had he connected properly, I'm sure Jim Gallacher would have saved but he completely mistimed his effort and the bell went into the net on the blind side.

Ronald came on for O'Brien at the start of the second half - a strange decision I thought, because Gerry had been one of the more effective Bankies before the interval.

Ronald, with his mazy runs and constant probing, immediately gave Bankies play a sense of urgency.

McColl brought out the best in Rough with a fine low 20 yards, but on a day like that nothing would have got past the Scotland keeper.

Bankies other sub, John McCormick came for Callaghan. He stretched the Thistle cover with some fine overlapping runs down the right flank.

Then it was a case of "Anything Rough can, do I can do better" from Jim Gallacher as he brought out a truly remarkable save to foil McQuade.

With four minutes to go Thistle again broke and Somner completed the scoring.

I'm not trying to make excuses for Clydebank, but the score did flatter Partick Thistle and I'm sure Bertie Auld will be first to agree.

Clydebank, I thought played reasonably well in patches – all is not lost.

Bill Munro was naturally very disappointed with his side's show at Kilbowie on Saturday. He said later: "The boys had a great week's training and everyone was in good spirits - we go out on to the park and lose a goal after only 40 seconds. You can't give any side - let alone a Premier League one - a goal start.

We need confidence and to get that confidence all we need is one good result.

Partick were definitely the better side on Saturday. The game was really over as a contest at the interval. It's very difficult to buck up a side's spirits if they are 0-3 down at the interval at home.

I was pleased, as always, with Mike Larnach and Jim Fallon. That pair always give you 100 per cent.

Gerry Ronald I was pleased with too - I'm going to persevere with him for a couple of weeks. He has so much natural flair."

Report 2
These are early days but the miracle of Kilbowie may already be over. Saturday's scoreline looks a heavy epitaph.

For two seasons Clydebank's exciting ambition and progressive achievement have been almost too romantic even for the Hotspur: On Saturday a new chapter was called for in a different type of book.

To get their Premier campaign properly started Clydebank had not only to win but to win well. They need confidence on the park and some encouragement for their supporters.

There' was not much difference between the teams in terms of skill and organisation, however different a story the score tells. Partick won going backwards after a second half so tedious it was as much fun as watching a dripping tap. (It rained most of the time as well.)

Four thumping goals brought brief moments. Love opened within a minute. Before the interval he again and Melrose made it three, the galloping Somner completing, the statistical 'rout near the end.

Rough's return to Thistle's goal was full of assurance, He took command of his area and distributed the ball well. Maybe his week's rest had done Rough good. Clydebank must wish for so easy an answer to their problems.

Squad Statistics (as at September 10th, 1977)

1977-78 All Time
League Cups All
Jim Gallacher (GK) 4 - 6 - 171 -
Jim Fallon 4 - 6 - 41627
Gregor Abel 3 - 4 - 2343
Gerry McLauchlan 4 - 61455
Norrie Hall 4 - 7128011
Jimmy Lumsden 4 - 7 - 996
Tommy Callaghan 2 - 61355
Billy McColl 4 - 5217831
Joe McCallan 4 - 7320677
Gerry O'Brien 4 - 7 - 908
Mike Larnach 427422580
John McCormack (sub) 2 - 4 - 10 -
Gerry Ronald (sub) 2 - 0 - 17 -

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League Table (as at September 10th, 1977)

Pld W D L +/- Pts
1. Aberdeen 4 3 1 0 +5 7
2. Dundee Utd 4 2 2 0 +3 6
3. St Mirren 4 2 1 1 +4 5
4. Hibernian 4 2 1 1 +2 5
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