Bill Munro
Manager Profile

Manager Details

  • Full Name: William Davidson Munro
  • Born: June 21st, 1934 (Glasgow)
  • Former Player: Bill Munro
  • First Appointed: August 1st, 1975

Managerial History

Aug 1st, 1975 to Aug 21st, 1981

Most Appearances Top Scorers
1. Jim Fallon - 286
2. Jim Gallacher - 234
3. Norrie Hall - 206
4. Gregor Abel - 194
5. Davie Houston - 186
6. Gerry McLauchlan - 164
7. Blair Millar - 161
8. Jimmy Given - 146
9. John McCormack - 137
10. Joe McCallan - 137
1. Blair Millar - 79
2. Joe McCallan - 58
3. Mike Larnach - 51
4. Davie Cooper - 37
5. Billy McColl - 29
6. John McCormack - 29
7. Frank McDougall - 28
8. Davie Houston - 17
9. Joe Sweeny - 16
10. Jimmy Given - 14

First Match In Charge
Aug 9th, 1975 0 - 4 vs. Arbroath, League Cup (Group 7)

Last Match In Charge
Aug 19th, 1981 1 - 3 vs. Berwick Rangers, League Cup

Total Players Used:

Biggest Win(s)
Jan 3rd, 1977 8 - 1 vs. Arbroath, League (1st Division)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Mar 16th, 1981 0 - 6 vs. Greenock Morton, Scottish Cup (Quarter Final Replay)

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
315 137 76 102 476 395
(43.5%) (24.1%) (32.4%)

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
151 85 36 30 276 162
(56.3%) (23.8%) (19.9%)


Bill Munro is probably the greatest manager Clydebank ever had. He oversaw the club's rise in the mid 1970s as the club achieved back to back promotions to reach the Premier League.

Bill's association with the Steedman family went back to his playing days when he was at East Stirlingshire, At that time the Steedman's owned the Falkirk outfit. Munro followed the Steedman's as they took control of Clydebank FC, and he was the club trainer for many years.

The Steedman's had a five year plan to reach the top tier of Scottish Football, and although progress was made the truth was they were no further to reaching that goal after that period had expired. In fact, the club had even begun to go backwards. The Steedman's publicly declared that they were considering selling up, but whether this was just overplaying the situation we'll never know. But, It was not too soon after that Jack Steedman took more of a back seat and Bill Munro was officially made manager in the summer of 1975.

This turned out to be a masterstroke as the Bankies won the Scottish Second Division championship in its inaugural year and reached the final of the ill-fated Spring Cup beating several First Division sides on the way. The cup was lost in extra-time to Airdrie.

The following season is where Munro made his name as the Bankies made it successive promotions by finishing as runners-up to Alex Ferguson's St Mirren. The title was there for the taking at times but the Paisley side were just too strong over the piece. The Bankies also took Rangers to four games in the League Cup Quarter Final where a certain Davie Cooper shone, before narrowly losing out in the second replay.

Cooper joined Rangers in the summer and Munro was never really able to replace him for the Premier League campaign with lower league signings the best the club could manage. Clydebank finished bottom but had the consolation of taking Celtic's scalp for the first and only time in the club's history.

After being relegated the Bankies missed out on promotion back to the Premier League the following season only by goal difference to Kilmarnock. A 1-1 draw at lowly Arbroath on the second last day of the season really delivering the fatal blow.

The club sunk back after this and two lower half finishes in 1980 and 1981 seemed to signal the end of Clydebank's days as a force in Scottish Football. The 1981-82 season started in a similar vein with disappointing results and Munro resigned in August which was a bit surprising. The reins passed to Sammy Henderson who would take the Bankies back to the Premier League in a few short years.

Bill Munro went on to manage Airdrie for a few years but couldn't replicate his success at Kilbowie despite pinching some of his former players, most notably Blair Millar. Afterwards, he spent time as reserve manager at Clyde as well as assisting at Kilmarnock.

Players Signed

New Players Transferred In
Player Date Signed Fee
1. Roddy McKenzie Aug 15th, 1975
2. Ian Browning Oct 17th, 1975
3. John McCormack Feb 28th, 1976
4. Ian Young Jun 2nd, 1976
5. Gerry Ronald Jul 5th, 1976
6. Gerry McLauchlan Jul 5th, 1976
7. Jim Fanning Jul 5th, 1976
8. Andy Bradbury Oct 25th, 1976
9. Tommy Callaghan Nov 4th, 1976 £6,000
10. Gerry Colgan Jun 15th, 1977
11. Colin King Jun 25th, 1977
12. Hugh O'Rourke Jul 4th, 1977
13. Blair Millar Jul 4th, 1977
14. Tony Gervaise Jul 4th, 1977
15. Iain Gourlay Oct 20th, 1977
16. Doug Brown May 17th, 1978
17. Jimmy Given May 27th, 1978
18. AlIan Morrison Jun 14th, 1978
19. Frank McDougall Jun 14th, 1978
20. Dave McCulloch Jul 28th, 1978
21. John Ross Aug 8th, 1978
22. Johnny McIntyre Aug 8th, 1978
23. Gerry Sharkey Aug 9th, 1978
24. John Brian Oct 2nd, 1978
25. Ally Hunter Oct 4th, 1978
26. Joe McBride Nov 6th, 1978
27. Eddie Sinclair Jul 2nd, 1979
28. Tommy Harkins Jul 2nd, 1979
29. Bobby Williamson Jul 2nd, 1979
30. David Kenny Jul 2nd, 1979
31. Mark Treanor Jul 2nd, 1979
32. Joe Sweeny Jul 13th, 1979
33. Davie Jones Jul 31st, 1979
34. Donnie Cameron Jul 31st, 1979
35. Billy McGhie Jul 31st, 1979
36. Campbell McKeown Jul 31st, 1979
37. Alex Jamieson Nov 11th, 1979
38. Tom McGorm Mar 6th, 1980
39. Gerry McCabe Jul 8th, 1980
40. Barry Evans Aug 8th, 1980
41. Martin Hughes Aug 19th, 1980
42. Tommy Coyne Jan 1st, 1981
43. Mike Hill Jan 22nd, 1981
44. Frank Lynch Jul 21st, 1981
45. Colin Brodie Jul 21st, 1981
46. Joe Dickson Jul 21st, 1981

Youth Players Signed on Professional Terms
Player Pro Terms Signed
First Signing

Roddy McKenzie
on Aug 15th, 1975