Clydebank 0
Montrose 4
League (Division 2)

0 - 4

League (Division 2)
Saturday, February 10th, 1973
New Kilbowie Park. Att. 1,100
3:00 PM Kick-off

None. Gordon Crammond (10)
Brian Third (25)
Bobby Tuddenham (og 58)
Gordon Crammond (61)

Team Managers
Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
1 Gerry Gallacher
2 Davie Mitchell
3 Jim Fallon
4 Bobby Tuddenham
5 Norrie Hall
6 Gregor Abel
7 Drew Harvey
8 Billy McColl
9 Mike Larnach
10 Joe McCallan
11 Ian Law
George Whisker 1
Bruce Martin 2
Les Barr 3
John O'Donnell 4
Brian D'Arcy 5
Bobby Livingstone 6
Charlie Guthrie 7
Malcolm Lowe 8
Brian Third 9
Harry Johnston 10
Gordon Crammond 11

12 Bobby Love
Ian Thomson 12

None. Ian Thomson -> John O'Donnell (42)

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

W Anderson (Referee)

Match Report

"Can you ever be put back into Junior Football?" A cynical question from a young disgruntled Clydebank fan whose side were soundly thrashed by the visiting east coasters on Saturday.

And coast is exactly what Montrose did. Although the opening goal was against the run of play at that stage. Clydebank seemed listless and uncoordinated. Midfielder Livingstone created the scoring situation by lobbing the ball across goal where outside left Crammond obliged by stabbing it home.

The Bankies were not without chances in the early stages. One of the best came when Harvey raced upfield stretching the Montrose defence only to miscue and allow O'Donnell time to clear.

Third got the second goal after 25 minutes. He strolled through the assembled Clydebank ranks to stuff his shot contemptuously in the back of the net.
His chance came when Tuddenham missed a through ball and Third pounced, rounding Gallagher with ease.

Billy McColl was lucky not to have an early shower after taking a bad tempered kick at Crammond in the 31st minute. But the referee gave him a stern lecture. Referee Anderson was again in action to reprimand a Montrose official for taking the Lord's name in vain. It was the last profanity of the day from the Montrose dugout.

Eight minutes from the interval came an opportunity which should have given Clydebank a much needed fillip. Gregor Abel was blatantly shoved in the back as he went up for a corner and the authoritative referee pointed to the penalty spot.
Jim Fallon missed. He hit the right hand post and Montrose stayed two up.

Montrose sub Thomson replaced O'Donnell shortly before Half time and immediately showed his worth by clearly outjumping McCallan in midfield.

Keeper Whisker made life needlessly painful and adventurous for himself after the restart, when he dived at a winger's feet with the ball elsewhere. He continued after attention.

Tuddenham was outstanding for Clydebank and time after time clipped the ball from an advancing forward's toes and sent the tide back towards the Montrose goal. But ironically it was he who notched the third goal up for the visitors in a goalmouth scramble in the 58th minute. It is small consolation to say that he probably earned himself the embarrassment by being the most active and committed Clydebank defender.

Crammond provided more misery for his opponents in the 61st minute by cracking in a loose ball dropped by Gallagher after the keeper had saved a free kick from Third.
The stocky outside left was typical of the Montrose team; hungry for opportunities and quick to take them.

Larnach seemed the only forward capable hitting back for the Bankies and it was left to him to stretch Whisker in the 74th minute. Otherwise there was little to comment on except the apathy and negative thinking of Clydebank

Squad Statistics (as at February 10th, 1973)

1972-73 All Time
League Cups All
Gerry Gallacher (GK) 3 - 0 - 3 -
Ian Law 1723 - 202
Bobby Tuddenham 3 - 0 - 3 -
Gregor Abel 17 - 6 - 23 -
Jim Fallon 21 - 5 - 19816
Norrie Hall 21 - 7 - 822
Drew Harvey 422193
Davie Mitchell 23 - 412666
Billy McColl 9 - 2 - 11 -
Joe McCallan 5 - 0 - 5 -
Mike Larnach 2211722913