Clydebank 4
Stranraer 2
League (Division 2)

4 - 2

League (Division 2)
Saturday, April 7th, 1973
New Kilbowie Park. Att. 912
3:00 PM Kick-off

Mike Larnach (43)
Mike Larnach (50)
Joe McCallan (74)
Andy Roxburgh (84)
Jim Traynor (15)
Hugh Hay (88)

Team Managers
Jack Steedman

Starting Eleven
1 Jim Gallacher
2 Gregor Abel
3 Davie Mitchell
4 Bobby Tuddenham
5 Norrie Hall
6 Jim Fallon
7 Mike Larnach
8 Bobby Love
9 Andy Roxburgh
10 Billy McColl
11 Joe McCallan
Willie Whiteside 1
Jim Hopkins 2
John McAuley 3
Billy Collings 4
John Heap 5
Hugh Hay 6
Ronnie McCall 7
Bobby Duffy 8
Jim Traynor 9
Andy Meechan 10
Jim Campbell 11

12 Ian Law
Dave Booth 12

None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

RH Davidson (Referee)

Match Report

Could it have been the fact that Clydebank were not content with their two-in-a-row draws with St Mirren and Queens Park recently that they decided on some goal action? Whatever the case, goal-crazy Clydebank showed the visitors just what they were really made of at Kilbowie on Saturday.

In the opening minutes though, Clydebank failed to show their skills of attack, playing a very slow defensive game, and it wasn't until the 15th minute when Traynor notched up number one for Stranraer that Clydebank ventured into better play.

A corner taken by Stranraer's Hay was well met by McColl and diverted away from the goalmouth, averting any serious damage.

It wasn't until the disappointment of a near miss by Love that Bankies really put the pressure on the opposing side.

An overhead try by McCallan proved unsuccessful in beating keeper Whiteside, and Roxburgh was left little room to breathe in a good attempt to force the equaliser.

Two minutes from half time and Roxburgh had the ball again, smoothly passing it to Bankies Larnach who smartly diverted the shot past a bewildered Whiteside. Number one for Clydebank.

Roxburgh, by the way, made a very welcome return on Saturday. He had previously retired from the team to coach a young Dumbarton club and had been doing so since round about Christmas. His marvellous play reflected on the crowd at Kilbowie Park.

In the opening minute of the second half, a wild try by Fallon went in the wrong direction, and once again Clydebank came into the attack.

A kick from the Bankies goalmouth which went straight into midfield. landed at McCallan's head, who quickly used it to toss the ball over to a waiting Larnach, who ran with the ball and swiftly knocked it past Whiteside.

A possible goal for Roxburgh was crushed when he was badly fouled by Heap, the Stranraer side now resorting to rougher tactics.

Consolation arrived however, when in the 74th minute McColl passed a quickly moving ball to McCallan who pushed it past the keeper and clocked up number three for Clydebank, no settling into a comfortable lead.

A frightening moment however when Stranraer were awarded an indirect free kick. The ball was exquisitely woven round the wall of Bankies players when a well timed move by Hay met Campbell perfectly, in turn taking the ball round and taking a shot which hit off the post.

The final goal for Clydebank arrived in the 84th minute when Roxburgh, finding the ball on the corner line, ran with the ball in a single handed assault on the visitors goal.

Not wanting to be outdone however, it wasn't until two minutes from the end of the game that Stranraer crept up with another goal.

A try for the net by Traynor hit off the post and was rapidly picked up by Hay, who thundered the ball home to finish the match.

Squad Statistics (as at April 7th, 1973)

1972-73 All Time
League Cups All
Jim Gallacher (GK) 8 - 2 - 10 -
Andy Roxburgh 13541176
Gregor Abel 25 - 6 - 31 -
Bobby Tuddenham 7 - 0 - 7 -
Jim Fallon 29 - 5 - 20616
Bobby Love 20 - 511865
Davie Mitchell 31 - 412746
Norrie Hall 28 - 7 - 892
Billy McColl 17 - 2 - 19 -
Joe McCallan 1340 - 134
Mike Larnach 3016723718

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